Model /model

/model base endpoint provides a set of methods dedicated to data modeling.

Unlike other endpoints /model is basically a prefix to the actual endpoints that handle object types, property types, properties and relations. You can see this endpoints collection as the API Modeling part of BEdita.

Main operations available on these endpoints:

  • list, create, update and (de)activate object types via /model/object_types
  • define new property types using JSON SCHEMA /model/property_types
  • handle object type properties with /model/properties
  • define relations between objects with /model/relations
  • retrieve JSON SCHEMA of object types and resources from /model/schema

Naming convention

Main entities describing your data model must be in lowered snake_case format as internal naming convention.

This applies to name attribute of object types (also singular see Create an object type), property types, properties and relations (also inverse_name)